About Santa Jim

Spreading Christmas Spirit and making lasting memories

My mission as Santa is to bring Love, Hope and Joy to those in need.

My Santa presentation is carried out in custom-made Santa clothes and gear, from my boots to my hat and everything in between. 

Since 2010, I have served as Santa for two small Texas cities at their annual Christmas parades. Each year, I also make appearances during the Christmas season as Santa for Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. Beginning in 2014, I have the honor of serving about 1,200 children each year through the Arlington, Texas, Santa Cops program.

I have completed a background check and volunteer training for Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth and a separate background check and volunteer training for the Fort Worth Catholic Diocese. As a member in good standing of Lone Star Santas, I also obtain an annual background check.

I also frequently work in "civilian clothes" as a volunteer Child Life worker for Cook Children’s Medical Center. I do not take income from my appearances as Santa, but I may require that you agree to make a donation to Cook Children's Medical Center  or to another mutually agreed upon charity. The amount of the donation will depend on the service I provide to you.

I have proudly signed and strive to adhere to the Santa Claus Oath. I am a member of the Mystic Order of Traditional Santas, a member of the Lone Star Santas, and I enjoy participating in the online Santa Community at ClausNet. When I work under an arrangement with you, I am doing so as your Santa, and with the understanding that my presentation of Santa will be a positive portrayal of a traditional Santa. 

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