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Santa Jim lighting the Town's Tree - Pantego, Texas 2010My mission as Santa is to bring Love, Hope and Joy to those in need.

My Santa presentation is carried out in a custom-made suit, knee length leather boots, custom made belt and buckle and professional grade natural whiskers.

For several years, I have served as Santa for two small Texas cities at their annual Christmas parades. These towns each reserve a place on my calendar a year in advance. Each year, I also make a number of appearances during the Christmas season as Santa for Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. I also work year-round in "civilian clothes" as a volunteer Child Life worker for Cook Children’s Medical Center, as a member of Santa America.

I have completed a background check and volunteer training for Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth and a separate background check and volunteer training for the Fort Worth Catholic Diocese. As a member in good standing of Lone Star Santas, I also obtain an annual background check.

I do not take income from my appearances as Santa, but I may require that you agree to make a donation to Cook Children’s Medical Center or to St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church (for Youth Ministry). The donation will depend on the service I provide to you.

I have proudly signed and I try to adhere to the Santa Claus Oath. I am a member of the Mystic Order of Traditional Santas, a member of the Lone Star Santas, and I enjoy participating in the online Santa Community at ClausNet. When I work under an arrangement with you, I am doing so as your Santa, and with the understanding that my presentation of Santa will be a positive portrayal of a traditional Santa.

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